Terms and Conditions


Tiles/Stone/SPC Vinyl/Glass/Bathroom Supplies may vary from those on display or samples you receive & Shade/size /curvature(tolerance is 0.5% of length of any side)/optical hazing/light refraction/diffusion/print line/crazing variation are inherent features in the manufacturing process of tiles/stone/SPC Vinyl/glass/bathroom supplies, it is therefore the purchaser’s & fixer’s responsibility to ensure that their order is checked & correct ,they are totally satisfied with the quality, quantity purchased, blend, & acceptability of all the tiles/stone/glass/SPC Vinyl/b-room supplies/u-floor heating (UFH)/tools/cutters/accessories prior to fix/use, as claims for wrong tile/item,quality,blend,quantity or shade related issues cannot be considered once tiles/stone/glass/SPC Vinyl/b-room supplies/tools/cutters/accessories have been fixed/used. Actual sizes may differ slightly to those advertised. The variance in colours and textures is not a defect, but merely a characteristic. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of the product, do not proceed to fitting, but please contact our customer services/sales team instore. When storing tiles , keep them raised off the ground , indoors or in a garage or a shed where it is dry and clean. This will help to avoid damage. Claims cannot be accepted once products have been fixed/used. Fixing of the tiles constitutes acceptance of their quality & acceptability.

It is the customer’s/fixer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct method & products are used for fixing, sealing, cleaning their tile/stone/glass/SPC Vinyl/b-room supplies/UFH & suitable grout/expansion joints are used. Prior to fix protective wax/film must be removed from tiles and mosaic sheet if present. We advise not to brick bond tiles and if you decide to no more than 15%. We advise dry laying before fix. We strongly recommend cleaning indoor tiles and outdoor tiles with an appropriate cleaner and using a suitable protector or sealer where applicable, and a qualified tiler should advise on, and carry out this initial process as well as advise on ongoing maintenance. As we are not professional fixers of tile/stone/SPC Vinyl/glass/b-room supplies/UFH and do not offer or seek to offer that service any advice given by us is in an impartial non-contractual manner & We are not responsible for any works carried out. Install should be carried out by a skilled operative, who has been trained to a level of competence, certified by a recognised authoritative body, such as the TTA. You should not arrange for fitting until all goods are received (inclusive of any replacements if applicable) and your order is complete. All lead times are quoted with goodwill, but we cannot be responsible for any failure to meet these or any consequential loss.

CPT accepts no responsibility for orders that are either under or over supplied from customer's own measurements/diagrams. As part of our service we are happy to assist with working out measurements and the suitability of products for a particular installation, but it remains ultimately the customers’/fixer’s responsibility to ensure suitability and quantities prior to fixing. We will not be responsible in the event that the wrong quantity of tiles, or tiles that are not suitable for any particular placing have been ordered or installed. Natural Stones will vary in colour & calibration from shop display & are more susceptible to wearing. They will vary from tile to tile. Tiles are not guaranteed as being frost proof.

It's an inherent part of the polishing process that some scratching will occur to some degree and the process of the polishing method is to have a rotation of the polishing head stone on the surface of the tile and it is that abrasive method of rotation that creates a highly polished finish and that in certain lighting areas the focus of the light is fragmented over the surface causing these inherent scratches to become visible as well as possible circular swirls. It is not a fault and is part of, and a consequence of the polishing process. Scratching can also be caused by the lack of post fixing surface protection by way of walking over the tiles with grit in the tread of shoes or dragging something or a similar type of abrasion, as by its nature a polished surface is softer than that of a matt or rustic finish & is more vulnerable to surface contamination or damage, nevertheless there is nothing wrong with the product it’s simply part of the manufacturing process or aftercare & therefore it is due diligence that needs to be considered when purchasing & fixing a polished tile. Sealers and correct cleaning products and methods are recommended.

Please note that as is common with bright solid coloured tiles optical hazing & light effect discolouration illusion can occur dependent upon certain light conditions caused by both natural & artificial lighting even when tiles are from the same batch & are of the same shade therefore please ensure that you are satisfied with the desired effect & blending of colour to ensure you have a harmonious finish prior to fixing the tiles by pre-laying the tiles before the final fix as once fixed the supplier cannot be liable for costs.

All goods remain the property of CPT until full payment is received & cleared. Credit Notes will expire unless used within 6 months. Accounts must be settled as terms agreed.

Direct Deliveries:

We may offer the service of a subcontracted kerbside delivery if the customer requests this. The deliveries are sub contracted & classed as kerbside only, meaning they will be delivered to the nearest safe and easily accessible point on or near your property and we have no control over the drivers or the vehicles & have no responsibility for accidental damage to property or personal injury claim and anything such like must be addressed to the contractor. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that there is suitable & safe access. The driver will not be able to move the products you have ordered. As our deliveries are made using a pallet truck and our pallets are very heavy we are not able to deliver pallets on to gravel driveways or soft surface such as grass or soil. We can only deliver onto hard, level, smooth surfaces such as concrete or block paving. When your delivery arrives always check that you have received the correct products and that you are happy with everything while the driver is still on site. If the delivery environment is deemed unsafe, access is not adequate or no one is there to accept the goods, they will not be delivered and the customer is liable for the costs that ensue. All damages or shortages must be reported within 24hrs. Delivery times can be subject to change & are purely best estimates. All lead times are quoted with goodwill, but we cannot be responsible for any failure to meet these or any consequential loss. We have multiple warehouses so deliveries maybe on different days/times. Due to unforeseen circumstances hauliers and couriers at times cannot complete delivery at the specified date. The failure to deliver on the arranged date does not account a breakage in the contract between the buyer and seller and there is no entitlement to damages or compensation. The customer or a dedicated representative of the customer must be at the point of delivery. Deliveries arrive on an 18 tonne lorry with tail lift.

Returns, Replacements and Cancellations

All orders must be collected within 2 months. Delivery times can be subject to change & are purely best estimates. All lead times are quoted with goodwill, but we cannot be responsible for any failure to meet these or any consequential loss. We advise not to book fixers until all tiles have been received and checked by customer/fixer. CPT is not responsible for consequential or 3rd party loss. Upon collection/delivery all shortages & breakages must be reported within 24 hours. Cancelled orders /Returns must be returned to the depot within 14 days of date of purchase & are accepted at the discretion of the management of the company & if accepted will be subjected to a re-stocking charge of 30% of the original sales value. You must present us with original receipt as proof of purchase and we must currently have stocks of that product & its shade/batch which can only be checked Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays. Only full, unopened/undamaged boxes can be returned. We do not take back any grouts, adhesives, sealers , cleaners , any tile treatment / fixing products due to not knowing the conditions that they have been kept in and therefore their suitability for re sale purposes. Refunds-we reserve the right to recuperate any errors in amounts.

In the event of a cancellation or return it is the customer’s responsibility to organise and pay for the return of the goods and ensure that appropriate insurance is arranged. If the customer cancels the order after the goods have been despatched but before they have been physically delivered the customer must accept delivery of the goods and it will be the customer’s responsibility to organise and pay for the return of the goods and ensure that appropriate insurance is arranged. In these circumstances the company will not issue a refund for the original cost of the delivery. Returns must be arranged with acknowledgment of the Company and refunds will only be issued once the tiles are received in a good sellable condition.

CPT offers continual low prices and has a rapid stock turnover of batches, therefore All Discounted /Offer Items are non returnable/non-refundable. Deposits & Special Orders are non-refundable/non-returnable. Clearance Items are non-returnable, non-refundable.

Any shortages or damages on delivery must be reported to the company in writing/phone call within 24 hours. Depending upon the circumstances the company will either refund the cost of the damages/shortages reported or send replacements as soon as possible. Failure to notify the company within these conditions will result in any costs for the re-supply of goods being the customer’s responsibility and may also increase the delivery lead time. Upon the reporting of damages the Company may request the customer supply images of the damage and complete a claims form. If the product is a mosaic sheet, then the company will send out replacement pieces, as this will reduce the chance of another sheet arriving broken. We cannot guarantee that we will have stocks for replacements or the same shade or batch. We advise not to book fitters until all goods are received & checked.

Any goods that have been returned to the company must arrive in a resalable condition and the re-packing of the goods for the return delivery to ensure that they are safely returned is the responsibility of the customer. Any return deliveries must be arranged with the company’s knowledge and acceptance otherwise the delivery will not be accepted. The company will accept no responsibility for the costs involved in re-packing the goods for the return delivery.

Once all returned goods have been fully inspected by the company the refunds will be processed within 10 working days following receipt of the return (if all goods are received as per the original order and in a re-saleable condition). If the refund is to credit/debit cards it may take additional 2-3 working days to show on customer’s statements. Original delivery costs will not be refunded.

It is the customer’s responsibility to organise and pay for the return of the goods to our selected warehouse and ensure that appropriate insurance is arranged. If the customer cancels the order after the goods have been despatched but before they have been physically delivered the customer must accept delivery of the goods and it will be the customer’s responsibility to organise and pay for the return of the goods to our main warehouse and ensure that appropriate insurance is arranged. In this circumstance the company will not issue a refund for the original cost of the delivery.

There is a 7-day cooling off period in line with current regulation. This is activated on placement of the order, however if any order is cancelled, the cost of delivery will be deducted as delivery of tile products holds a nonstandard delivery charge due to the nature of the product i.e. the weight and method required for safe delivery, therefore we are within our right to deduct this.

Special Order items are not from normal stocks and have therefore been specifically ordered in, and are non returnable and non refundable if not required. Once the order has been placed it cannot be cancelled. Delivery times are subject to change.

Sample Ordering

Cut Price Tiles encourage customer to purchase a sample tile before making a complete purchase to give a more accurate appraisal of the product and its suitability for its installation. There are two option either pay for a full-size piece or choose a cut sample piece. If you require any more, please contact us to arrange this. All samples either paid or unpaid are exempt from our returns, warranty, and are completely non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever. Samples ordered may vary to a customer's order as tiles can differ from batch to batch. Please take care when opening and whilst handling samples as damages may have occurred during transit.

Health and safety policy statement

Cut Price Tiles will endeavour to send samples within a safe and well packaged contained parcel box but customers should be aware that the nature of tile is that breakages can occur during transit and care should be taken when opening packages. It should also be noted that orders are despatched using wooden pallets with shrink-wrap and polypropylene strapping or tape and customers should assess unloading conditions due to the weight and nature of tiles as Cut Price Tiles cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control such as unsafe unloading or unpacking by the customer and not following correct well established lifting and unpacking techniques to avoid injury, these techniques are available from HSE website hse.gov.uk:

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations1992, as amended in 2002 ('the Regulations') apply to a wide range of manual handling activities, including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying. The load may be either animate, such as a person or an animal, or inanimate, such as a box or a trolley. All deliveries are conducted by third party contractors and Cut Price Tiles cannot be held responsible for negligence or decisions taken by those third-party contractors and any claims associated to damage to property etc must be made directly and not with Cut Price Tiles.

Customer complaints:

We will endeavour to resolve any complaint in a fair & reasonable manner & as quickly as possible. No claim will be accepted after 6 months of receipt of goods & any claim for faulty goods must be made within 6 weeks of receipt of goods. Any agreed replacements/settlements we may offer are for materials we supply only – we do not cover any labour costs.

Full T's & C's on website and instore. By paying for these goods you agree you have read & accepted all T's and C's prior to transaction and that all the details stated above are correct and true. In the event a resolution cannot be found the customer may want to contact an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body.

Promotional Offers

Any promotional offers apply to own imported ranges only & not to any branded items unless specifically stated. Promotional offers exclude Natural Stones and Quartz unless specifically stated. Our promotional offers exist only on quoted products, we cannot consider products already ordered/purchased at any of our stores, or elsewhere, so we will be unable to enter into any retrospective settlement on bought products. Once ordered we cannot accept any further adjustment to price. We don’t accept quotes/prices being given to us after the order has been placed. Any promotional offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotional code etc. Acceptance of any promotional offers & Cut Price Promise is up to the management’s discretion. We reserve the right to remove any promotional offers at any given time.

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