Can floor tiles be used on a wall?

floor tiles can be used on a wall however they can be a heavier tile thefore we would recommend checking certain walls, such as plasterboard, can support the additional weight. Wall tiles are rarely strong enough to be used as a floor tile.

Can tiles go outside & are they frost resistant?

The simple answer would be no. The UK climate does not allow the vast majority of tiles to be used outside but there are a few exceptions, on the whole tiles are not usually frost resistant and will often be slippery when wet and unsuitable for outside usage.

Do you stock any slip resistant tiles?

Most tiles become more slippery when wet, particularly those with a polished finish. We currently stock some slip resistant tiles mainly in the 30 x 30 size range. Please ask at one of our retail outlets for more information on these tiles and their slip resistant properties as they can vary from one make to another.

How many tiles do I need to buy?

This will vary depending on the dimensions to be covered along with the size of the tile you wish to purchase. Based on the overall dimensions of the surface to be covered our staff can calculate the number of tiles required. We would recommend that slightly more tiles be purchased to allow for cuts and unforeseen breakages.

Will I be able to buy additional tiles at a later date?

Our tile ranges generally remain available for a number of years and we can order direct from the manufacturer via our sister distribution company. However, we can give no guarantees and should point out that there are shade and calibration variations from one batch to another. We would recommend that, if possible, your full requirement be bought at the same time.

When will my order be available?

Providing the tiles are in our bulk stock then delivery from the warehouse to our retail outlets is generally a matter of days. If the tiles are out of stock and is from one of our overseas suppliers shipment might typically be 4-6 weeks. A tile from our third party UK suppliers generally takes between 3-7 working days to arrive within the retail outlet.

How will we know when our tiles are available to collect?

Our retail outlet will ring you as soon as your tiles are in and available for collection.

Can you recommend any tilers?

Cut Price Tiles & Tile Merchants do not offer a tiling service. Our retail outlets may know and have contact information for tilers but Cut Price Tiles & Tile Merchants cannot accept any responsibility for the workmanship or otherwise of any tiler used.

Do you provide samples to take away?

Providing the retail outlet has a sample available they will be more than happy to let you take a sample away with you, however, if the outlet does not have a sample available, depending on the tile, they may be able to order a sample in for yourself. Please ask our staff in the retail outlets for more information.

Do you sell grout, adhesive and tools?

We sell grouts in various colours, adhesives, edging strips, spacers, silicone, tools and sealers. Virtually everything to aid with your tiling needs are available at our retail outlets.

Is a special grout needed for areas exposed to water such as showers and work surfaces?

For areas such as showers you should use a water resistant grout and if tiles are to be used on a work surface we recommend a non-absorbent grout.

Do you stock natural stone & will they need to be sealed?

We do stock a wide range of natural stone tiles for walls and floors. Whilst stone does not have to be sealed we recommend that it is to limit staining and other marking that can occur on such tiles. We carry sealants and examples of unsealed and sealed tiles for you to view. Our staff will be able to help and advise you in regards to the best ways of keeping your natural stone in the best of condition.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque and most credit cards (excluding American Express). Payment in full or a minimum of 30% deposit is required to place an order.