1. Capture the Spirit of Nature with Green Kitchen Tiles

    Capture the Spirit of Nature with Green Kitchen Tiles

    There are other ways than having indoor plants to bring the outside in. If you’re looking to capture the spirit of nature, blues and greens could be the perfect colours to consider. Why? Well, green evokes a serene ambience, reminiscent of woodlands and plants from all over the world.

    There are so many shades of green, it’s hard to keep up. However, there are some hard and fast rules to take advantage of to help you narrow down your options. For instance, if you don’t have an abundance of space, a lighter shade can help elevate the natural light levels. This can give the appearance of spaciousness. However, if space is no object, you could choose a dark forest green shade.

    In this guide, we’re showcasing some of the beautiful colours you could opt for to get you inspired about your kitchen redesign.

    The Martinica (7.5 x 30 cm)

    These ceramic green gloss tiles don’t have a uniform colour, which gives them a sophisticated, textured

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  2. What is the Best Tile for a Kitchen Splashback?

    What is the Best Tile for a Kitchen Splashback?

    The splashback is a quintessential feature that protects your kitchen walls from staining, water splashes and condensation build-up from steam. They can be more than just a practical element, though. Sure, you can make things simple by using the same wall tiles across kitchen area. But, a splashback can be a great opportunity for you to get creative and add some flair to your design.

    What makes a tile suitable for a kitchen splashback?

    What colours work well?

    You might decide to opt for a darker colour or a patterned design to help make little specks of dirt less visible. After all, if you like to cook a lot, you’re going to encounter a lot of boiling water and sauce splashes. If you choose a white or pale splashback, you may constantly want to grab a sponge and give it a wipe. Whereas, with a colour or design that helps to ‘hide’

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  3. Green & Black Tiles: The Perfect Combination For Your Kitchen

    Green & Black Tiles: The Perfect Combination For Your Kitchen

    If you’re looking for ways to harmoniously pair green and black tiles in your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. It’s the latest trend, and when looking at dreamy interior design photos, it’s not difficult to see why.

    However, you might feel a little hesitant about this colour combination. Black can be quite dark. Plus, green comes in many shades - how do you know which one to pick?

    It’s worth trying a few tile combinations. You may be happy to take a leap of faith. But, sometimes even the best quality photos won’t be an exact representation of the tile. By seeing them in the flesh, you can see the colours and shades. You can also feel the textures and finishes and decide whether they would work in your kitchen.

    Tiles might look gorgeous in online or magazine photos, but in your kitchen, they might not look as you’d imagined. It’s like trying on clothes; sometimes a garment can look great on the hanger, but when

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  4. Outdoor Kitchen Tiles to Enhance Your Alfresco Dinners

    Outdoor Kitchen Tiles to Enhance Your Alfresco Dinners

    Alfresco dinners are something we might associate with European holidays, rather than being a Great British pastime. However, if you’re hoping to embrace your outdoor spaces and make the most of your summer, outdoor kitchens can be a great way to do that. It’s a growing trend that is helping homeowners with gardens get more use out of them.

    Who doesn’t enjoy watching the sunset or the stars while tucking into their favourite food with their friends and loved ones? On hotter nights, an outdoor kitchen space is the perfect setting. They are particularly well paired with bi-fold slimline doors, which remove the barrier between indoor and outdoor, creating a sense of flow and harmony. It’s a fantastic setup for entertaining guests (weather permitting, of course).

    You can also opt for a gazebo or cover to protect you from the inevitable rain. That way, you really can get the most out of your new outdoor kitchen and garden space.

    If an outdoor kitchen is on the menu fo

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  5. 6 Wall Tile Designs That Can Help Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

    6 Wall Tile Designs That Can Help Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

    If your kitchen feels cramped, wall tile designs could be the culprit. Kitchen wall tiles have the power to transform a room and increase how spacious it appears. If you want to maximise your living spaces, here are six amazing wall tile designs that can make it seem that little bit larger.

    What Size Tile Makes a Kitchen Look Bigger?

    Large tiles create the illusion of more space in your kitchen. This is because they require fewer grout lines than smaller tiles and create fewer visual distractions.

    Which Colours Make a Kitchen Look More Spacious?

    Lighter-toned tiles tend to open up a room, reflecting available light from windows and indoor lights. White tiles are the go-to choice for making any kitchen appear larger, reflecting light more efficiently while creating the illusion of space and giving off a bright, airy vibe.

    Lighter shades of grey or beige may achieve similar effects. A glossy finish can create additional shine if you’re going

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  6. Top Five Kitchen Wall Tile Trends That Are In Fashion Now

    Top Five Kitchen Wall Tile Trends That Are In Fashion Now

    Are you looking to give your kitchen an eye-catching modern makeover? Why not explore the hottest trends currently available for kitchen wall tiles? 

    From designer geometric patterns and rustic terracotta to vibrant pops of colour, there is something to suit everyone in this year's top five kitchen wall tile trends. Check out our picks of this season's trends that are guaranteed to give your kitchen a makeover!

    Why Keep Your Kitchen Tiles Up-To-Date?

    Your kitchen should be the heart of your home; an area that’s both inviting for guests and a place you enjoy spending time in. Following current tile trends can increase the value of the property: modern, stylish kitchens are more likely to appeal to potential buyers than outdated, uninviting ones. With numerous different kitchen wall tile trends available today, all that remains is choosing the appropriate tile trend for your space.

    1. Geometric Patterns

    Geometric patterns h

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  7. What are the Best Tiles for Kitchen Walls?

    best tiles for kitchen walls

    If you’re new to kitchen wall tiling, or you just want to make better choices this time around, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the best tiles for kitchen walls. We’re focusing on colours, sizes and materials that tend to work well in the heart of your home. Don’t worry, with so much variety available on the market, you’ll have plenty of room to let your personality shine.


    Moisture resistant tiles


    A lot of steam, condensation and spillages can occur on a daily basis in a kitchen. That’s why moisture-resistant tiles are your best friend. Porcelain tiles are ideal. They’re naturally resistant to damp conditions. As long as the grout seams are sufficiently filled in and maintained, porcelain should give y

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  8. Be confident with your choice of kitchen wall tiles: Follow these 5 steps

    your choice of kitchen wall tiles

    In the process of upgrading your kitchen? Whether you have a range of designs already in mind or you’re starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered. Even if you like to change your interior design on a regular basis, you’ll still want to be house-proud and enjoy the design that you’ve chosen. Read our expert guide for the five steps you need to be confident with your choice of kitchen wall tiles.


    One of the biggest challenges is sifting through the endless options. With so many colours, patterns and finishes to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. Let us help you choose with our expert guidance.


    1. Choose your colour

    Not every home is blessed with a large, luxurious kitchen. If you’re looking to optimise the space, we recommend trying a lighter colour that’s not patterned. It could be worth adding a shiny finish to help brighten the room. H

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  9. How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

    Bathroom renovation is an exciting project, but it can also be quite daunting. Choosing bathroom tiles is one of the most challenging tasks because there are so many options and factors to consider. You want tiles that are both beautiful and practical, durable and easy to maintain, and match your style and budget. This blog post will guide you through the process of choosing bathroom tiles and give you some essential tips to help you create a stunning and functional space.

    Consider the Size of the Bathroom

    The size of your bathroom plays a vital role in selecting the right tile size. Large tiles can make small spaces feel cramped while small tiles work well in tiny bathrooms, but they can be high maintenance. Mosaic tiles, for example, can be tricky to grout and keep clean. In general, large tiles are perfect for spacious bathrooms as they create a seamless look, while smaller tiles work best

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  10. Tile Trends: What's Popular at the Moment?

    Trending Tile Patterns

    Tiles are an excellent way to decorate your home and make it more practical. Instead of accent walls and artistic prints, which can also level up your home's style, tiling gives you a chance to invest in the property and personalise it with permanent styles. Here are some trending tiles.

    Textured Tiles

    Tile trends are always changing and shifting. In the past, there was an appetite for mosaic tiles and vintage tiles. Of course, these are likely to come back into vogue as well, but at the moment, there is a trend towards rustic tiles or tiles with shifting irregular surfaces on them.

    Tiles with subtle texture variations create a dynamic atmosphere that works well in wet rooms and bathrooms. It's all about subtle variations in colour and texture, so you are likely to see pastel colours and hues as well. For instance, a bathroom could have pastel textured tile in the shower.

    Checkerboard Tiles

    Checkerboard tiles are somewhat timeless. These practical

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